How to build a wardrobe that keeps on giving

Please take a moment and picture this...c’mon humor me… It’s 7am in the morning on a Friday and you’re slowly drinking your coffee. You’re looking forward to a half-day at work followed by a leisurely lunch with friends before your drive to Palm Springs. Once there, you are to meet your parents for dinner. What can you wear to easily transition through the day’s events? It’s can wear our Magda Organic Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt tucked into your favorite linen trousers. You throw on a blazer and pack a cotton scarf in your work bag. There you go! You’re ready to seize the day! 
What’s my point? 
Getting dressed should be effortless and quick. What is the point of spending so much money on clothes and having overflowing closets if you don’t have those pieces that are versatile and that make you look your best in the least amount of time possible? I had the overflowing closets and the daily headache of getting dressed and I got tired of it all. Today, I think of my closet as a long term investment. I shop intentionally, I take care of my clothes, and I always have something to wear.  Being an intentional shopper has changed my life. Here are some of the questions I ask myself before I buy a piece of clothing: 
Does it fill a “gap” in my closet or could I do without? Does it match my aesthetic and will I wear it next year (how about the following year)?  
Does it fit my body shape and is it comfortable Is it versatile? Is it too high maintenance to care for properly? 
By being an intentional shopper I’ve learned that a minimalist and versatile wardrobe has a lot of benefits: I don’t buy into the latest trends just because I love clothes, I stopped impulse shopping, I dress quickly, and I’m always satisfied with how I look.  How can you start thinking about designing your minimalist and versatile wardrobe?
Step 1: Create your wardrobe color palette 
Open up your closet and take a look - what are the three predominant colors you see? These are your leading colors...colors you probably wear every day. Now, think about a few neutrals that complement these main colors. These complementary colors should be colors you love.  In addition to colors, you can brighten up your wardrobe by using patterns (small and large florals, polka dots, stripes) and textures (metallic, embroidery, lace, velvet). The best way to choose is by looking at your closet today and seeing what patterns and textures pop up over and over again. 
Step 2: Construct your wardrobe by choosing the right pieces 
A chic minimalist wardrobe never grows old. Keep it simple! While trends come and go, here are some wardrobe essentials that will last a lifetime:
The cotton shirts 
The short and long sleeve t-shirts in black and white are essential as is the white button-up shirt. These items go with almost ANYTHING in your closet and can be dressed up or down.  
The knits
The cardigan and the knit sweaters are key. Get them in a variety of neutral colors. You can wear these to work but also on a weekend trip in the mountains or at the beach. Our Stella crewneck merino wool sweater or the Teddy oversized merino cardigan are great places to start. 
The pants
Black trousers are non-negotiable as are the blue jeans...the latter is so essential even Lana del Rey had to sing about them. 
The little black dress(es)
The little black dress comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are more appropriate for evening wear (let’s say you love your lace or sequins) while others can be dressed up and down and worn from day to night. For the latter, we suggest choosing a medium length with a high neckline. This dress will work perfectly with denim or jackets, boots, sneakers or sandals. 
Step 3: Choose the right fabrics 
The basic rule is: pick fabrics you feel good in. Select natural fabrics and skip the ones made using petroleum and chemicals such as polyester and nylon, which are actually plastics. Organically grown cotton, wool and cashmere, ethically produced silk, recycled fibers and other natural fibers are the best options. Becoming an intentional shopper and building a minimalist and versatile wardrobe isn’t easy. Once you do it though, we are convinced you will never again stand in front of a wardrobe that’s full of clothes and find nothing to wear!