Style That Does Not Compromise Sustainability


Each and every piece in the Santicler collection is timeless, luxurious, impeccably made and effortless to care for. Using only certified sustainable materials from top suppliers in Europe, each item is made to order or in small batches and is shipped directly from the factory, beautifully wrapped in fully biodegradable packaging.


Responsible Business At Santicler:

Tackling the over-production issue: Santicler seeks to produce only what it sells. The company manufactures in small quantities and only produces replenishment sizes until a style is phased out.


Replacing dry cleaning with easy-care: All products can be machine washed. Santicler selects materials and yarns that are machine washable, and ensures all pieces are pre-shrunk. By doing so, the company aims to reduce the use of expensive and toxic dry cleaning, and in the long term, generate cost savings for the consumer.


Sustainable and traceable supply chain: Santicler works with suppliers that can provide certifications for all the materials it sells. The company found that working with European suppliers is the best way to ensure certifications are authentic and partners are reliable.


Fair wages and ethical practices:Santicler’s founder visits the company’s partner factory in Romania at least twice a year, and conducts its own audit. Additionally, The factory is ISO certified for sustainable practices and high quality control standards.


No single-use plastic: All products are packaged in biodegradable plastic bags from Tipa Corp and shipped in 100% post-consumer cardboard boxes that can be fully recycled and composted.


By using DHL Green, Santicler ensures that all its shipping is carbon neutral. Regardless of its volume of sales, the company donates monthly to Sea Legacy, an organization that supports the research and conservation of our oceans.


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