How These 7 Women Are Finding Comfort at Home



 By Goop Editor

May, 2020

Maybe it’s a feel-better coffee ritual done in a slinky pair of pajamas. Or a stress-busting bath to melt your tension away. Or even a swig of Sancerre in a fancy-occasion glass to salute the end of a WFH day. There’s a sweet science to staying in. (And—hint—it doesn’t involve refreshing the news at all hours of the day). All we know is we’re all trying to adapt to this new normal together—while also supporting others from afar. This is why we asked several women to share what they’re doing, how they’re dealing, and better yet, what luxuriously cozy items they’re doing it all in.



Maison De Mode and Well Beings Cofounder

 “My company Maison de Mode is dedicated to sustainable fashion, and so am I. I just went on a trip with my animal welfare charity, Well Beings, to Bolivia, and I lived in Santicler tees and sweaters. The shapes are exceptionally flattering and also quite durable, which are two issues I’ve often encountered with other eco-minded brands in the past.”


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