9 Organic Cotton T-Shirts For A Lower Impact Summer




Aside from feeling soft and breathable (almost like being naked), organic cotton t-shirts have a minimal—and in some cases positive—impact on our planet. SANTICLER is committed to making a difference. Providing a fast-fashion alternative, the brand embraces circular design principles, apparel that is easy to care for, and nontoxic, renewable, and recyclable materials. This is what you’ll find in their ready-to-wear luxury garments that are designed to outlast trends and seasons. These include some of the best organic cotton t-shirts for women, as well as pants, bodysuits, beanies, scarves, dresses, and more.


SANTICLER’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices

Materials: When you slip on a luxurious crew neck, V neck, or boyfriend-fit organic cotton t-shirt from SANTICLER, you’re slipping into something approved by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), GOTS, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It’s blended with 9% GRS certified recycled elastane and finished with bleach-free and formaldehyde-free, non-toxic dyes.


Supply chain & labor practices: SANTICLER only works with suppliers who respect their employees and are committed to social change. All of the European mills they work with (like the one in Portugal responsible for their cotton) use ethical and sustainable practices. Each worker in their Transylvanian factory benefits from fair payment (and the right to negotiate), health insurance, maternity and parental leave, regulated working hours, and protected labor conditions. Romania has strict labor laws against things like child labor, and the factory is also ISO 9001and ISO 14001 certified.


Green business practices: Using small-scale manufacturing practices allows SANTICLER to minimize excess fabric and waste. It also allows them to ship goods directly from a warehouse near the factory. Things “literally travel one time” to reduce shipping emissions—which they then offset by shipping through DHL Green! Additionally, SANTICLER’s organic cotton is from Tintex, a BCI, GOTS, and Bluesign-certified Portuguese mill that keeps manufacturing waste low, too. They’re able to recycle or reuse 98% of production materials, have minimized their greenhouse gas emissions by 70%, and are investigating lower impact and plant-based dye techniques. SANTICLER also uses bioplastic compostable packaging which can fully biodegrade in 30 days with no toxic residue. The paper and boxes are sourced locally in Romania and are made with at least 80% post-consumer recycled content.


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