Not to date myself, but when I started my career in fashion, MySpace was the social media leader and people still chatted with their friends on AOL Messenger. Since then, social media and digital technology have exploded. We are better connected and able to buy everything online, but we can probably all agree that we are also at the mercy of algorithms and data breaches. It’s becoming clear that technology leaders have to redefine their purpose in society to minimize the negative impact of their products on us as consumers and to protect our privacy, access to information, and even our children’s safety. 

I believe fashion is no different and in need of a revolution to protect our wallets and our environment.  

I am passionate about fashion. I never saw myself doing anything else for a career. I came of age when clothing was more expensive and less trend-focused but I spent my career observing and participating in the skyrocketing growth of fast fashion.  I witnessed the quality tradeoffs companies made for the sake of speed-to-market and variety as well as wastefulness of the industry and the terrible working conditions present in factories around the world. 
All of this for clothes that are still expensive, that don’t last long, and that don’t look that good on us (think wrinkles, pilling, discoloration). Furthermore, we are incurring an environmental debt that will be paid for by the poorest of the poor in places around the world...places that will never appear in our Instagram feeds. I founded Santicler because I wanted to address a gap in the market - quality, versatile clothing that lasts, makes us feel and look good and simplifies our lives. I also wanted to meet this gap sustainably. Imagine having a set of staples made of organic cotton and wool that you can easily mix and match and care for at home and wear over and over and over again with minimal wear and tear. Something we dream of...that is now within our reach. 

How is our luxury knitwear different?


Natural fibers
We source the highest quality fibers from manufacturers in Europe. We are obsessive about HOW these fibers are made and treated to ensure durability -think less pilling and fewer tears and wrinkles


I spent years studying textiles and the intricacies of designing and manufacturing clothing that is aesthetically pleasing and engineered to last. At Santicler I set out to create knitwear that is truly differentiated by reinventing the patterns and the structure of the clothing to help it withstand machine wash after machine wash and the wear and tear that comes with our busy lives...go on, break up with your dry cleaner

 Lastly, frills and tassels are fun but not so much in investment pieces meant to be worn as often as your favorite coat in winter. For our staples, we stuck to streamlined cuts that are flattering on all shapes. Check-out our latest collection, drop me a line and most importantly please keep quality and the environment in mind as you set out on your next shopping trip.
Thanks for reading and please check-out our latest collection, drop me a line and if you do anything as a result of reading my musings here today,
I hope that you will keep the quality and the environment in mind as you set out on your next shopping trip.  Sincerely, Monica.

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